Free relaxing ringtone ZenWave

Ringtone ZenWave as a free download. Download and enjoy this relaxing tones for your cellphone. This ringtone ZenWave will make you feel relaxed and calm every time your phone rings.       Download now your free ringtone:

Ananda Meditation

Ananda Meditation is composed with very delicate sounds of Hang and Tibetan bowls, Ananda is an original soothing and refreshing music, composed by Phoebus for the energetic cleansing. The perfect relaxing Music with Nature Sounds for Meditation & Relaxation.   Ananda Meditation is very appropriate to listen to during relaxation. Bird singing, Indian bells and … Read more

Perfect sleep night

Perfect sleep night is an mp3 of 20 minutes, the time to calm down and fall asleep quietly. Enriched with delicate sounds and crickets, this soothing Perfect sleep night is like a caress before falling asleep. As for most of the music of relaxations distributed on forcemajeure, there are of course soothing and deep sounds … Read more

Binaural Relaxing Music

Binaural Relaxing Music has been part of Phoebus’ core production since early 1996. It is now widely used in relaxation music due to its benefits on mental health: encourage relaxation, promote positivity and decrease anxiety.   To celebrate the return of the English version of this website, Phoebus did compose this original Binaural Relaxing Music. … Read more