Relaxation music

Relaxation music: since Ancient times, the therapeutic effects of music have been recognized and used for a better life.
The ancients and traditional cultures regarded it as a sacred science.
Leading you beyond the sphere of everyday life, these mesmerizing compositions guide you on the path of inner fulfillment.


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Reiki Nature sounds for healing

Reiki Nature sounds for healing is a 42 minutes piece of music for supporting Reiki sessions.


This long musical journey is composed of sounds of nature such as: the song of birds, the sounds of the ocean, the delicate sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of crickets.
After ten minutes ofpreparation, the sound of a Tibetan bowl comes to rhythm, every three minutes, your personal Reiki session.

Download this music for energy healing in m3 format, to enjoy it whenever you want.

You can also play Reiki Nature sounds for healing by Phoebus, as background music to create, at home, a harmonious and calm atmosphere.

The soundscape is composed by Phoebus for

Listen for free the entire high quality version:


Want to know more about Reiki healing ?

I recommend this book: Reiki for beginners: 2 books in 1 – The Ultimate Beginner’s & Intermediate Guide to Learn Reiki & Increase your Energy

Reiki could be the practice that helps you to change all that! Whenever we feel sick or aren’t at our best, most of us tend to visit our local doctor or pharmacist. The common perception is that we can be cured through drugs but not everything is as simple as that and not every condition is suitable for treatment in this way. So what do you do when the drugs don’t work?



Present on the scene of relaxation and meditation music since 1996, offers its catalog of relaxation music in free listening and  completely legal download.

These original compositions are unique in their genre and contain no subliminal messages.
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