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Relaxation music: since Ancient times, the therapeutic effects of music have been recognized and used for a better life.
The ancients and traditional cultures regarded it as a sacred science.
Leading you beyond the sphere of everyday life, these mesmerizing compositions guide you on the path of inner fulfillment.


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Mi Sheberach prayers for healing

Mi Sheberach, the prayer that is usually recited to the Torah in the name of the one who is sick is actually an old formula. Mi sheberach is unique because in most other prayers where the name of a person is mentioned, it is usually the name of his father that is used. In the Mi Sheberach for the sick, however, the formula asks for the name of the person followed by the name of that person’s mother.

In this title of Phoebus for ZikWeb, you will be rocked by the rustling of the waves, because we are on the shores of the Dead Sea, the crickets accompany this aquatic comedy. Just a bass and an old piano a little out of tune compose the moving melody. This melody, poignant and theatrical … heady and mesmerizing.


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