Relaxation music

Relaxation music: since Ancient times, the therapeutic effects of music have been recognized and used for a better life.
The ancients and traditional cultures regarded it as a sacred science.
Leading you beyond the sphere of everyday life, these mesmerizing compositions guide you on the path of inner fulfillment.


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Ananda Meditation

Ananda Meditation is composed with very delicate sounds of Hang and Tibetan bowls, Ananda is an original soothing and refreshing music, composed by Phoebus for the energetic cleansing. The perfect relaxing Music with Nature Sounds for Meditation & Relaxation.


Ananda Meditation is very appropriate to listen to during relaxation.

Bird singing, Indian bells and oriental flute complete this relaxing musical spectrum.
Imagine the music going through the soles of your feet and back up the spine, taking all the tensions to the top of the head, where the notes escape like little bubbles.



This original music will help you relieve tension and stress.

Listen to Ananda Meditation full track and download in high quality:


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Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay


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Do you feel tired and drained after you are around people? Maybe you feel other people’s feelings like their sadness, stress, physical ailments and you don’t know why? Or you feel like you have way too many thoughts in your head that really don’t belong to you?

Well you could quite possibly be an intuitive empath!

This is a practical hands on manual where you can take a quiz and find out if others people’s energy is indeed affecting you and what to do about it. Practical tips and guidance on how to rid yourself of others energy and how to protect yourself from absorbing it too.

Finally! Help for the Intuitive Empath who is always absorbing others energy and their health is being affected by it.

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Simple and Powerful tools that anyone can do!
By using the tools that Leslee provided I was able to get rid of fears that I’ve been struggling with for decades.
Leslee is the Master of Subconscious Reprogramming!

Leslee’s e-book is very powerful! It really helped me understand myself as an empath and gave me a wonderdul confidence boost. I found the information about how to protect my own energy from other’s negativity especially helpful and I still use her techniques regularly.


Present on the scene of relaxation and meditation music since 1996, offers its catalog of relaxation music in free listening and  completely legal download.

These original compositions are unique in their genre and contain no subliminal messages.
They consist only of sounds and melodies. All relaxation titles and relaxation exercises are offered as free and legal mp3 downloads.

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