Binaural Relaxing Music

Binaural Relaxing Music has been part of Phoebus’ core production since early 1996.
It is now widely used in relaxation music due to its benefits on mental health:

  • encourage relaxation,
  • promote positivity and
  • decrease anxiety.


To celebrate the return of the English version of this website, Phoebus did compose this original Binaural Relaxing Music. That way, you can experiment right now the good vibrations of Phoebus’ music.

Listen for free and download high quality mp3


Which sounds are in this track?

  • Two differents binaural beats
  • The sounds of nature in two “flavors”: birds and whales !
  • Atmospheric guitar and harmonious piano chords.


What this track is for and when should I listen to it?

Listen to this long soothing mp3  when you need to calm down, relax, but not only. This is the perfect track to support yoga sessions, with the inspiring nature sounds.

You can also take great advantages by listening to this high quality mp3 when you want to fall asleep naturally. Who wouldn’t experiment sleeping with the birds sounds ?



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