Ether XIX relaxation music

Ether XIX, a delicate, meditative music.


Ether XIX is an ever evolving meditative music which lasts more than 20 minutes.

That is the perfect lenght for a meditation session.


The elements that make this mp3 so special are:

  • Sounds of Nature, with the delicate birds sound and distant sound of thunder.
  • A melancholic space flute
  • Very deep bass to pulse emotions


Listen to full lenght track:


What are the effects of listening to Ether XIX ?

  • Therapeutic Effects on Your Brain: as with meditation or hypnosis, this mp3 will encourage relaxation.
  • Eliminate stress and ease symptoms of migraines


It is recommended to listen to Ether XIX with a headphone, although it is always possible to play this mp3 on your stereo at home, hence creating a soothing atmosphere.


I suggest this book while listening to this soothing mp3:

Zen Journal: Meditation Book & Journal with Peace, Happiness, and Mindfulness Quotes

The laws of spirituality and science tell us that what we believe, think, and feel affect the cells and makeup of our body.

The Zen Journal incorporates a formulated set of thought-provoking ideas that work together to bring about a shift in your way of thinking, and in turn, can bring about a shift in your life.

At the top of each page, you’ll find quotes that spark meditation and mindfulness, which will help you reframe your outlook and guide you into a happier, and more peaceful, frame of mind.

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